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In addition to our many other operations, Red Rock enterprises is a also a year-round supplier of high quality firewood. As an established forestry and logging operation, we have steady access to the best quality hardwood stock in the area.

Our firewood is available already cut and split, or can be purchased as in pole-length. The Pole-length firewood is sold by the tri-axle load. One tri-axle load is approximately 6 cords.

Pricing for cut and split firewood:

Pre-cut and split firewood (green): $135.00/per cord*

Pre-cut and split firewood (dry): $145.00/per cord*

If interested, please contact us at 301-746-5515, or email us at redrock@redrockllc.com

Cash or credit card only. Payment due upon delivery.

*Delivery charges may apply

Pricing for pole-length firewood:

Assorted "green" hardwood pole-length firewood: $565.00/per tri-axle load (about 6 cords)

Assorted "dry" hardwood pole-length firewood (when available): $650.00/per tri-axle load (about 6 cords)

Locust pole-length firewood (when available) : $650.00/per tri-axle load (about 6 cords)

For pole-length firewood contact Steve at 301-616-7678

Cash or credit card only. Payment due upon delivery. No checks accepted.

Deliveries made and inquiries taken every day except Sunday.

*Delivery charges may apply




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